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Profile of Twitter Expert - Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw is an award-winning ex sales guy who advises and trains businesses and individuals on how to utilise Twitter to gain more business and to be effective with their time. Mark was a very early user of Twitter, having joined in April 2008, and it has been his passion, his love and his full time business ever since.
He now has around 14,500 followers. He is author of the book Twitter Your Business and has been interviewed on the radio, published in the media and requested to give talks throughout the UK in his capacity as a Twitter expert.
You can follow Mark on Twitter at: or check out his website:
Making an impact, 140 characters at a time . . .
Twitter is not 'a get rich quickly tool'. You will achieve very little by just having an account. It takes time, effort and commitment to stand a chance of success on Twitter. However, if you are prepared to spend some time on Twitter each day finding people and conversations where you can add value, then things may well happen for you.
The real value of Twitter is in the ability to search for real people talking about real stuff, right now and in real time. This offers individuals, businesses, brands the real opportunity to stop talking at customers and start talking with customers. A subtle but huge difference.
Twitter Your Business: Table of contents . . .
Introduction My story
Twitter etiquette Signing up with Twitter
Tweeting A quick quiz
What to tweet about How much time to spend on Twitter
How to find people to follow Creating a list
How to get more followers The #hashtag and trends
The search facility: Twitter's greatest asset How businesses should use Twitter
Should other people tweet on your behalf Top dos, don'ts and best practises
Twitter tools Answers to the quiz
Measuring the results Final word - More about the author
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"Really approachable, easy to follow guidance from an expert you can trust. Mark's a great person to follow on Twitter and this book reinforces his status as a true Twitter expert. Step-by-step guides, advice, tips, tricks and case studies. This book has got the lot. Probably the best introduction to Twitter book I've read."
- Ian Creek Digital Marketing Director, Marketing Donut - 6th May 2011
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