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New Homes in London

Why do people buy New Build Homes?

Quite simply, there are those who choose to buy New Build Homes and those who prefer older style properties.
We would like to understand why the buying public is divided and what principal issues actually divide them. We of course need to understand that there can be no such thing as a typical ‘New Build’ buyer. The standards applied and adhered to by builders of new homes in London vary immensely ie those builders who create homes of distinction to exceptional standards and those who strive get by with the ‘bare minimum of industry building standard compliance’. Many well respected property builders focus specifically on new build homes in the capital with a target market of first time buyers in London and with an aim to simply building affordable homes in London.
Other home builders of considerable repute, however, dedicate their attentions on producing stylish quality homes with a clear focus on these buildings, one day, becoming period properties of the future, in short, London homes designed to last in every sense of the word.
At London Homes Online we are intent on providing an index of London Home Builders from both ends of the spectrum but with a clear intention of listing only those builders who we believe are serving both categories with a build quality of excellence.
Outside a house in a suburb of North London, there is a plaque which reads ‘On this site in 1820, nothing happened’. Of course the same can be said for each and every part of London (if we go back far enough). Throughout the ages, ‘New Build’ homes have left a significant and important imprint on the Capitals landscape.
Coming soon is our index for selected London home builders which we hope will help you to choose the preferred builder of your new home for the future
As for those many thousands of you who are decided upon buying an older style property, perhaps with the intention of updating and personalising your London residence, we are sure that our carefully selected independent membership of independent London estate a gents will certainly not disappoint you in your endeavours to find your ideal London home.
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